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To find pharmacies located nearest to you, enter your zip code. Select a pharmacy to provide the most accurate drug costs. Prices may vary among pharmacies, so using the ‘SKIP’ button below is not recommended. If you do not select a pharmacy, estimated pricing using preferred cost-sharing pharmacies will be displayed.

The map will display all pharmacies. To see network pharmacies and those with preferred and standard pricing near you, click HERE

Some plans have mail order savings of up to  33% for Tier 1 & 2 drugs. View the mail order information on the “Choose a Plan” section.
To view a list of 2019 Mail-Order Pharmacy options, click HERE.
Use the map to find pharmacies located near you. Click on the plus [+] and minus sign [-]  to show pharmacies in your area. Continue to click until you locate a pharmacy that you want to select.

The 'e' icon represents a pharmacy that will accept e-prescriptions.

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